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Wed, May. 25th, 2005, 07:54 pm
Infant formula may need to carry warning-WHO

GENEVA (Reuters) - Powdered infant formula may need to carry clearer instructions on how to prepare it and avoid germs that could cause serious disease and kill high-risk babies, health ministers agreed on Wednesday.

They adopted a resolution on the final day of the World Health Organization's annual assembly of 192 member states amid growing international concern at potential bacterial contamination of powdered milk for feeding babies.

Two low-weight babies died last year in hospital in France and one in New Zealand after receiving formula contaminated by bacteria, according to the United Nations health agency.

The resolution said babies should be breastfed exclusively for six months and called for precautions in preparing formula for those deemed to be high-risk, such as pre-term, low birth-weight or immune-deficient infants.

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